The Faces of OneEgg Haiti


"I work with all soul, all my mind and all power and my skills. I am so happy to be a member of this beautiful team working for One Egg Haiti Program. To help the children in the world is my pleasure. Now, my dream is to see this program grow day by day.”  –Wilfrid Villason

Wilfrid Villason is the One Egg Coordinator in Haiti. We asked him to share his story. We are sharing it just as he wrote it. He is a precious young man and a gift to OneEgg Haiti. We did bold a few points that we don't want you to miss. Enjoy...


My name is Wilfrid VILLASON, I was born on December 28, 1982. That's mean, I will be 35 years old on December of this year. I am the 4th child between 5 children of my mother. Cause, we are 5.

I am an orphan since I was 10.

My parents were from in Cayes, in the south of Haiti. I am a native Haitian. I grew up in Port-au-Prince. With my mom and my brothers and sisters. To go to school after my mother was dead was very difficult for me. I was in obligation to pass 5 years in Cayes with my grand parents fro going to school.

After my primary school there, I've gone back in Port-au-Prince living with my older sister who's my godmother too, to continue my secondary school. So, that was very complicated for me to get school, but God had a very good plan for me. My family has no possibility to help with my school. Very young I've been, I reached, helped somebody else to get possibility to pay my school.

Since all this period, I always gone to church pray God, present my situation in front of him. Cause I had only Jesus.

I was living in Fontamara, not too far of the Bethesda church. Suddenly I became an influential member. Day after day, I performed as a good Christian at this church. I was the younth association president, I was a Sunday school teacher, I created a brigade association serving normally the church as soon as I could.

Thanks to God, Suzanne Swanson a mom of me, a best friend of me a good counselor for me, used to come down in Haiti and visit the that church with many American people, helping a few of children and others people. After the earthquake in January 12, 2010, Saniel Sanon managed a professional school program for the Rhode Island Conference United Church of Christ for some of us. As, I was the youth association president of that church and an influential person, Saniel Sanon talked with me about this program. I gave a list to him, and I have been too. There's how I could study office computer, Grace of Suzanne Swanson and her group (the RICUCC) regarding this program.

But, since after the earthquake, each time Suzanne Swanson came down in Haiti, Jonas Azolin and Saniel Sanon urged me to be with Suzanne's group. Like this I could help them. I accepted their advice and did exactly as they told me. So, I was very happy when Suzanne agreed that I could be with them to get more experiences from them. That was from 2010 to 2012.

In 2013 I was married and still close to the US group. Some months later, Suzanne proposed me to work with One Egg as Jonas's assistant, cause Jonas Azolin has been the coordination of this this program. I was very in joy hearing that from Suzanne and Shirley in 2014. I work with all soul, all my mind and all power and my skills.I felt very good in my job.

So, I worked as assistant around 2 years. On September 2016, I became the Coordinator of this program with Sadrac Azolin as my assistant a very cool guy. Now, we are working with our hearts for One Egg in Haiti. We love so much that we are doing for the kids.

I am so, happy to be a member of this beautiful team working for One Egg Haiti Program. To help the children in the world is our pleasure. Now, my dream is to see this program grows up day by day normally.

Even though we have around 9 sites, schools and orphanages providing eggs. Expecting we'll have more sites the years coming up.

Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to make those lines talking about me and my beautiful job, that I love very much.

Now, I am living with my beautiful wife, Adeline and my 2 kids Hadassah Jane Willine  and Christian Wilfrid Junior.

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