One Egg Uganda

OneEgg Uganda

The First Egg

Even with the great strides in Uganda has made toward a balanced diet at their schools, the children they serve were still only receiving protein four or five times per year.

But the new OneEgg farm with its 2,000 chickens changed that.

The first egg was laid in the Spring of 2017 at the Enkoko (meaning chicken in the local language) House.  The chickens are producing the much anticipated eggs for over 1,600 children at 5 schools!

The potential impact that these eggs could have on the children may be life changing. The eggs that the Enkoko House will produce will contribute to the improved overall health and growth of the students, as well as provide important nutrients for their cognitive development. Income was also generated for the farms by selling the extra eggs as well as the chickens when they have finished producing. This income will go back into the farm to contribute to its sustainability.

Why Eggs?

Animal protein is essential for cognitive and physical development, especially in young children. Children who receive adequate amounts of protein before age five have higher IQs and stronger mental development.

Eggs come in the perfect package, do not need to be refrigerated, don't rely on rain (like crops) are easy to hard boil and are filled with important nutrients.