How One Mom and Son Have Been Blessed By OneEgg in Haiti

by Julianna Beehn
OneEgg Haiti Correspondent

Since they began receiving eggs, the change in Dany (mom and women's ministry leader) and her son, Christophe has been drastic and tremendous. Every day, Dany looks brighter and stronger.

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Dany Valestine is many things. She is a pillar in the Women’s Ministry hosted by Joyhouse, an Awana trainer, a wife, a mother, and most importantly, a passionate follower of Christ. But these are just the physical things; she’s honest, eager, faithful, and a strong leader.

Six years ago, Katie Beehn, my mom, met Dany on her first mission trip through Women’s ministry. As they grew close, one fact became very apparent; Dany and her family were malnourished. Her husband did have work in selling water, but it was never enough to provide for their family of five. Despite their best efforts to feed for their children, all of the Valestines were thin, especially young Christophe.

At two years old, Christophe is already falling behind on the growth chart. He attends Sunday Nursery where I see him often, and every time, the lack of vital proteins is very obvious. His hair was brittle and his skin was blotchy. Smiles from him were rare. As time passed, things only worsened.

Dany was in desperate need of work. Shortly after we moved to Haiti, my mom became involved with Awana International. For those who don’t know, Awana is a program that teaches children the truth found in the Bible and helps them memorize verses. Luckily for us, the curriculum has been translated into Haitian Creole. Seeing Dany’s leadership potential, Katie hired her on the spot to be an Awana teacher. She was eager and diligent at all the work she did, but she was simply too weak. She had the desire to work, but not the strength.

This past summer, God gave us the solution: One Egg. Since they began receiving eggs, the change in Dany and Christophe has been drastic and tremendous. Every day, Dany looks brighter and stronger. Soon, she’ll be able to return to teaching and working. Christophe is now a happy, healthy little boy known for his delightful smile. He even entertains us with his awesome dance moves!

God provided through One Egg to Dany. It has been amazing to watch the transformation and the difference that can truly come from just one egg a day.