Africa Travel Diary

My Travel Diary

Hi! I'm Katherine Huske. I work part-time with OneEgg. Recently I was able to visit three OneEgg Chapters in Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia.

That's my son, Taylor, with me. He was on break from grad school. First time visit to Africa for both of us.

Taylor had enough food, clothes, shoes, clean water and education growing up. We never thought twice about where our next meal would come from.

This trip helped us get a new perspective on children in need - in this county of ours - and around the world.

It was a life-changing. Below is my travel diary. Hope you enjoy!


Our first stop was the tiny, beautiful, landlocked East African country of Rwanda. The first thing I noticed was how clean everything was. Turns out that once a month businesses close down and everyone pitches in and cleans their communities. What a great idea!

We drove three hours from Kigali, the capital city, to the rural city of Musenze, where OneEgg started five years ago in partnership with Bishop Mbanda of the Anglican Church.

There are twenty-eight OneEgg preschools. That means OneEgg is providing eggs to almost 2,000 kids every day.

Everiste is the preschool coordinator for the Anglican Diocese and he also oversees the OneEgg operation. We are so thankful for him.

Everiste told me that most children come to school because they receive an egg … and that egg provides nutrients for their growing bodies that they desperately need.

It takes about $49 a year to provide an egg for a child. When you do the math, it just takes pennies a day. Please pray about partnering with OneEgg. Visit our giving page for more information. 


Next stop was Parental Care Ministries in rural Mbarara, Uganda. Over 2,000 kids get eggs each week. The principal introduced me as the “egg lady” and hundreds of children erupted into cheers and applause. They love the eggs. And like Rwanda - before OneEgg - most of these children had protein in their diet once or twice a year… yes, a year!

It was a great blessing to see Parental Care Ministries in person. The children love the LORD, love school, and LOVE receiving their eggs at lunchtime.

We all joined in for worship AND dancing! So much fun and such a warm welcome!


Next stop Ethiopia.

We stayed at Project Mercy, an amazing ministry that just celebrated their 40thanniversary. Project Mercy is our newest partner. Because of a grant provided by Tyson Foods, they will soon have a chicken farm and eggs for the children.

The hospital staff asked for eggs to be given to pregnant mommas too. Some of these gals are coming to the hospital weighing 90 lbs. to give birth – malnourished and weak. An egg a day would provide needed protein in their diets. 

Keep the children and the new farm in your prayers. 

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  1. Katherine! I smiled thru the whole reading of your diary, pictures and videos posted here. So thankful that Father God orchestrated this trip for you and Taylor "for such a time as this. . ." How great is He who gives you the desires of your heart. . . all the more abundantly as it tracks with His. I could feel (even just an inkling ) the delight in God's heart as he shared His children with you and Taylor. "...if you love me. . . feed my sheep." Though Jesus words were speaking of the spiritual to Peter in John 21:17, he physically fed the 5000 as he first met their physical needs. I pray now that each child given one egg a day thru this ministry will someday reflect back on this effort and embrace the connection of love and provision from their Creator and our Almighty Savior.
  2. Hi Katherine, I so enjoyed your trip visit to Rawanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. As you might guess from the name Chris is our son and we couldn’t be prouder of what he is doing for children with the One Egg program. Hoping to encourage our church here in Jackson Hole to introduce the new program for Sunday Schools. Susan Ordway

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