The Sugarcane Fire

Last week, a gargantuan fire devoured a large field of sugar cane directly beside the OneEgg Farm in Leogane, Haiti.

The cause of this fire is not known, only that it engulfed the field and stretched extremely close to the farm itself. As seen in the video, only a few yards of road separated the burn from the building. General Manager Phillipe Armand witnessed the fire himself, an observer of the proximity of the fire.

It was very possible and somewhat likely for the fire to spread onto the grass and invade the wooden laying houses.

But fortunately, it didn't.

As I stepped out onto the burnt, crispy remains of the field, the smell of charred sugar still in the air, I knew that a miracle had occurred. The land was totaled, done-for. The farm was untouched, and the chickens continued to cluck as if nothing had ever happened. God had his eye on the farm and the families that depended on it for their nutrition, keeping them safe.

God doesn't abandon his works, nor does he abandon his children.

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