Taylor’s Photo Diary

Visiting Africa with OneEgg

My name is Taylor Huske. I was able to join my mom this summer with OneEgg on a trip to Africa. It worked out great because I was on a break from grad school.

It really put things into perspective ... seeing the kids crack open their eggs, acting like they had just won the lottery. It made me think hard about the things I take for granted. 

It's such a simple idea... help locals create sustainable businesses that provide eggs to their communities and eggs for children who are malnourished.

Seeing it in action was truly incredible. Hard to believe that just a few pennies a day provide that simple egg.

It's difficult to find words to describe all that I saw in these countries.  But I did take lots of photos and videos to try and capture special moments with these kids ... kids who need food, clean water, shoes, and clothes. Kids who smile and laugh and appreciate the tiniest act of kindness.

Hope you enjoy!




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