Free Sunday School Curiculum

The Generosity Adventure

When kids ministries switch their curriculum, there is always that one day- the day without a plan. What do you do? One Egg has talked with children's pastors and officials about this lack of material, and led by the desire to demonstrate the true power of generosity, it was created. The Generosity Adventure is a one-day, free download curriculum about the power of generosity seen through the eyes of a child.

The curriculum is based around the story about the boy with the loaves and the fish, connecting it to the life of a Haitian girl named Mara. Through the eyes of the boy and the life of Mara, the true value and importance of generosity in the heart of a child is made known. The download will include a video, coloring sheets, teacher guides, lesson plans, and more! The curriculum was filmed in Leogane, Haiti, but many more chapters hopefully will be created all around the world in One Egg's chapters.

The Generosity Adventure is no prep and free for download on the site. Simply click this link, and pre-order your curriculum today! An amazing experience for you and your students awaits!

Here's a sneak preview of the original song that was written by Ben Honeycutt for The Generosity Adventure. The song is called "Happy Giver".

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