September 2019 Update

For anyone who has been keeping up with Haiti in the news, you are aware that since July 2018, living has been incredibly difficult for the Haitian people. Political instability and corruption have caused riots all over the country and crippled the economy. The nation is currently facing a gas shortage, making vital transportation for everyone unavailable. To summarize, things are difficult, especially for businesses like the OneEgg chicken farm in Haiti.

The largest impact upon the farm has been the devaluation of the currency, due to massive inflation. In September 2018, one American dollar was worth sixty-eight Haitian gourdes. As of today, one year later, the exchange rate is now ninety-eight Haitian gourdesper dollar. That’s approximately a 30% currency devaluation. Because the government has needed to print so much money, businesses that import from the U.S. are falling apart due to hiked prices. Professionals guess that about one hundred Haitian small businesses shut down per week! In addition to the inflation, illegal egg importers from the Dominican have threatened business for egg retailers everywhere in Haiti.

So how has the One Egg farm fared? Well, for one, it’s still operational, which is a feat in itself. And while costs have risen, egg prices have remained affordable so that local buyers can still afford to feed their families. The employees are still being paid and supporting their families. Over two-thousand children are still receiving one egg every day.

Yes, it has been immensely difficult for every single business in Haiti, but God is still providing. Every egg that finds its way to a child is a victory. Every day that passes where the farm is still pushing through is a victory.

It’s a lie to pretend that things are okay. They are not. But the bitterness of the dark makes the light so much more precious. Bad times are necessary to test and grow our endurance. Haiti is on her knees, broken and tired, but the God of angel armies is still her God. He who provides every sustenance sees the struggle of Haiti and will act upon it in His perfect timing.

This article was written by Julie Beehn, OneEgg's Haiti Correspondent. 

Thank you Julie!

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