Sally Todd in Haiti

Our Haiti Correspondent Julie Beehn, shown here with Sally Todd.

Malnutrition chart in Haiti.

Chipping Away at Malnutrition. Sally Todd, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and OneEgg partner, has been slowly chipping away at malnutrition since she first relocated to Haiti in 2012.  When Sally first arrived, she focused on generalized primary care, but it soon became apparent that as soon as one medical issue would disappear, another would take its place. So, Sally honed in on malnutrition, and her efforts have impacted the Gressier-Leogane area immensely.

God began orchestrating Sally's miracle from the very beginning. As she was visiting in Florida, just after the earthquake in 2010, she became very exposed to the news because of the large Haitian population in the state. In just that first year, Sally visited Haiti ten times; the Lord clearly put these people on her heart! After moving, she began utilizing her experiences as a medical care professional and as aforementioned, she began her work specifically on malnutrition. And thus, Kay Timoun Children's Home was created.

Kay Timoun is a pediatrics-based malnutrition organization which provides both medical care and perennial nutrition care. Sally and her ministry target children from 0-3, all the way from conception to 3 years. Her studies and surveys that were taken throughout the Gressier-Leogane area show some startling statistics: 19% of children are underweight, 30% have experienced moderate to severe stunted growth, about 33% of children are anemic, and only 21% of infants/newborns receive food from the four core food groups from 6-24 months. Breastfeeding, one of the most crucial elements to the development of a newborn, is often incorrectly done by mothers. As seen in the chart, the benefits of breastfeeding are essential, but almost always neglected. Sally has seen this collective depletion of both knowledge and basic nutrients, and has set out to correct it.

Sally has just created a new egg-distribution project to the people enrolled in her malnutrition treatment program who are most deprived of protein. She describes eggs as "perfect little protein packages" that are easily chartable and beneficial to knowing exactly how much protein each member of her program has consumed. She purchases her supply from the OneEgg farm, which is located just a mile away from Kay Timoun, and is hoping to continue to expand her project farther out into Haiti.

Sally Todd is truly a dedicated servant of God, and her work is not only inspiring, but impactful.  I, as an interviewer, am honored to witness such a God-blessed project and to see how it is truly improving the daily lives of Haitian children and pregnant women in our community.

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