One Egg Rwanda

OneEgg Rwanda


Started in 2010, today One Egg Rwanda provides eggs to over 2,900 children at 29 pre-schools.


One Egg began with five preschools in rural Rwanda.

The idea of starting a OneEgg preschool as part of a church has not only been a blessing to area families, but church growth has expanded.

Church buildings that were used once a week on Sundays are now being used each weekday. Children are being educated, and are learning their numbers and colors and more. They learn about hygiene and they receive an egg a day as part of an effort to address hunger and malnutrition. 

OneEgg has expanded to delivering eggs to 29 preschools in Rwanda’s Northern Province, where its growth continues.

Eggs for the preschools are supplied by a chicken farm operated by Ikiraro Investments, a sustainable business that was founded to address poverty and hunger—a model that OneEgg is now expanding globally.


OneEgg worked with Bishop Mbanda from the Anglican Church in Rwanda.

Bishop Mbanda shared with OneEgg that churches were struggling with low attendance. They were using their buildings one day a week. The idea was for churches to start a OneEgg preschool. Now 100 families show up every day and drop their kids off at one of the 29 OneEgg preschools. These families get involved with the pre-school and the church.

Because of OneEgg kids get eggs, so they are healthier and church participation has grown!