Precious Children of Rwanda

Faces of Rwanda

At OneEgg, sure we think of eggs every day. Our prayer is more eggs for more kids around the world. But take a moment and look at the faces of these little ones. They are in OneEgg preschools in Rwanda. These children come from poor families and most are malnourished. 

Thanks to you, OneEgg provides an egg a day to these children. They peel and eat their hard boiled egg filled with nutrients and great protein to help them grow up big and strong.

So when you think of ONE EGG, think of ONE CHILD - impacted positively for life because of your partnership. Thank you!

Omega Twizeyimana

This is beautiful Omega Twizeyimana.  She is 5 years old. Omega's teacher taught her that God is her Father and she LOVES God and knows she is His child.

Every Sunday, Omega goes to church and studies the Bible and sings songs. Before joining nursery school, Omega did not have protein in her diet at all. Thanks to OneEgg this little one is receiving eggs in her diet. She's growing and healthy and loves jumping rope and playing football with her sisters.      


Masengesho Roick

Introducing 5 year old, Masengesho Roick, from Gasamari pre-school. She is in the in top class at preschool.

Masengesho shared, "I love Joseph’s story. I love my teacher who teaches the Word of God.  When I go to sleep I pray for my mother and my father. I like Bible because it is the Word of God.  At pre-school, we eat eggs from Monday to Friday and we don't miss school because we love the egg".      

Ndayishimiye Holy Success

"My name is Ndayishimiye Holy Success. I am 5 years old. I love my teacher who teaches the word of God and the songs of God. I know that the mother of Jesus is Mary. His father is Joseph who was a carpenter. Every Sunday, my father and my mother take me to church.  I like to eat eggs at pre-school. I am very strong and healthy".

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