Haiti News – Lesly Philippe Armand

Haiti Team Profile - Philippe

by Julianna Beehn
Haiti Correspondent

Wise, soft spoken, and gentle, Lesly Philippe Armand is a demonstration of God’s goodness and a blessing to the OneEgg community. His story isn’t a perfect one, but it is a beautiful painting of the miracle that is God’s plan.

After the loss of his young daughter, Philippe was left to raise his son, Kendensky. He prayed and prayed when finally, a job presented itself. Philippe was hired as an employee for the organization In His Hands Orphan Outreach, a part-time job that would help him provide for Kendensky.



The reason for his hiring was due to his diligence, integrity, honesty, and especially his trustworthiness. It's difficult to find someone who is completely, totally trustworthy, making Philippe a rarity who was perfect for the job.

These same qualities attracted the attention of OneEgg consultant Jeremy Beehn, who was looking for someone to manage the future OneEgg chicken farm in Leogane, Haiti.

Philippe was hired and since then, the blessings have been uncountable for Philippe, his co-workers, and those in the community who OneEgg serves.

Being fluent in English, Haitian Creole and French, Philippe has been an excellent translator. His integrity and natural aptitude for management have been crucial in the organization and growth of the OneEgg farm. Most importantly, Philippe’s job has enabled him to provide for his son, both financially and spiritually. Happily, his job with OneEgg is flexible enough to allow him to continue working with the children who live at In His Hands orphanage, something that he has always loved doing.

Knowing Philippe personally, I can confirm that Philippe is quiet, obedient, honest, and his love and trust in God is truly inspiring. Philippe is passionate about OneEgg’s work, and is always striving to, as he states, “Provide more eggs for more kids”.  In doing so, he is a living testimony of James 1:27--taking care of orphans in their distress.  While he had to face painful trials, Philippe was blessed by God through OneEgg and became a blessing to everyone around him, including myself.

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