One Egg Zimbabwe

One Egg Zimbabwe

Being Blessed, While Blessing Others
By: Tsitsi Gwatidzo 

When I first heard about our home cell group partnering with OneEgg to provide eggs to underprivileged children, starting in Chegutu with the hope of expanding throughout Zimbabwe, I was overwhelmed. The first thought that came to my mind was that I couldn’t possibly have the resources to make a meaningful contribution to such an amazing idea, because I was unemployed at the time.

I bought into the idea through encouragement from my cell leaders Mr. and Mrs. Chilowa, who helped me see there was a need that was greater than money, a need such as presence and energy and that I had in abundance. I was amazed by how my seemingly small contribution could go a long way. That the children remembered my name when all I had done for them was sing, dance, and give them eggs really humbled me.

OneEgg involves social connectedness, living intentionally for Christ as we go beyond merely hugging and playing with the children. We give them hope and an assurance of their worth in Christ. In providing nutrition to these children, we contribute to a better future for them, as research suggests the increased protein intake improves their cognitive ability, making them more alert in school.

On the most basic level, knowing that they will get eggs at school is an encouragement in itself for daily school attendance. In my capacity as volunteer, I have been humbled by my experience; it has transformed my life in many ways. I started here thinking I am going to help and touch the lives of many, yet I am the one who received a body of knowledge from these wonderful children.

Most importantly, I learned that there are many things that we cannot control, but the most important things in life, such as  peace and joy, we can control by choosing to be joyful and content even when life may not be going in the direction we want. I learned this from watching how these children in absolute poverty seemed to have smiles permanently on their faces. When we spoke to them, they exuded such joy and gladness. I walked away from my first visit a transformed person, practicing what I had learned from these children.

During this time I had been looking for a job for more than a year and a half, which filled me with worry and anxiety. My second visit to Donhodzo, I met the executive director of a local NGO, who  admired my passion and energy with these children. This  interaction led to me getting a job offer from his NGO a couple of days later.

The greatest reward has been the opportunity to be involved in something greater than myself, the phenomenal privilege to serve the needs of others and to be part of a team devoted to being the hands and feet of Jesus. Words can never be enough to thank Mr. and Mrs. Chilowa for taking heed of the call to serve and allowing us to be part of their vision and mission for OneEgg Zimbabwe.