One Egg Nigeria

OneEgg Partners with Xavier University of New Orleans in Nigeria

Father Etido Jerome, the University Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana, was born in Nigeria and has a heart to serve there.

Being in solidarity with people from a different culture is one reason Xavier University of Louisiana’s Office of Campus Ministry was organized, and the partnership with OneEgg is a perfect fit.

According to Father Etido, there 250 children from ages two to four receiving eggs. The community is excited about the partnership and the children love the eggs. There are local volunteers helping to make sure the eggs are prepared for the children  and the chicken farm is doing well.

School Attendance Skyrockets

Before OneEgg and Father Etido partnered together there were only about 10 to 20 children attending school. Now that eggs are being provided to the children, there are over 250 children attending school... and the EGG makes the difference!

According to the principal, the children are showing up more attentive and eager to learn. Even the community leaders are seeing the change at the school.

Older Students teach the Younger Children

The older students are helping out to encourage and teach the younger children. They teach the children good hygiene and even how to crack and eat an egg. That might sound simple in our western culture, but if you have never eaten an egg (because they are only for the rich in Nigeria), you would not know what to do with it.

We praise God for these older students and their hearts to serve.

Father Etido's Alma Mater

When Father Etido connected with Chris Ordway, executive director of OneEgg, it wasn't just to do a good deed in Nigeria. Father Etido grew up in Nigeria and attended the school OneEgg is now serving.

He knows from experience what the kindness and generosity of people can do for a young person's life. He knows that a single act of giving can change a life forever.