One Egg Nicaragua


Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the Western hemisphere. For the over 40,000 people who live in Masatepe, food insecurity is a very visible reality, and children can be the most vulnerable. In the community there are over 1,000 preschool age kids who are at high risk of not getting sufficient protein for their development. 

Looking Back At 2018 

Most experts agree that one in nine people go to bed hungry every night. Most also agree that hunger and malnutrition poses special challenges for children. A child who is chronically hungry doesn’t thrive physically or intellectually and may suffer from serious long-term health issues.

The team working in Masatepe, Nicaragua saw that most of the over 1,000 preschoolers were not getting the adequate nutrition, calories, or protein they needed to thrive. Because research shows that animal protein plays a critical role in healthy development for preschoolers, they began looking for a solution.

In 2015, our team began working with the organization OneEgg to establish a chicken farm that could produce enough eggs to address the protein deficit children have in Masatepe. By the end of the first year, enough eggs were donated each day to feed 519 preschoolers. Just one egg a day is having a profound impact on these children.

Thanks to the help of many, we were able to build a new facility of chicken coops in the Fall of 2017. During the first week of October we received 800 one-day-old chicks. 

OneEgg's Impact in Nicaragua by the Numbers

# Eggs to Kids

# of Kids Impacted

Meet Gustavo

Before the egg donation program, a 3 year old boy named Gustavo arrived at preschool malnourished and anemic. Each morning he was fed a serving of beans and rice provided through a government program.

When his school became recipients of eggs from the chicken farm, he and each preschooler received one egg a day. Now 4 years old, Gustavo is a healthy little boy and thriving. His teachers and parents are thrilled with his noticeable progress and improvement.

Just One Egg

Teachers testify that children eating just one egg has improved attendance and attention. Parents are working harder to make sure their children attend school where they’ll receive a healthy, balanced breakfast. Additionally, now with their bellies full and content, the children are paying better attention to the lessons without fighting headaches and stomach aches due to nutritional deficits.

When these eggs are delivered to the school, smiling little faces surround the truck as crates of brown eggs are unloaded. What a difference an egg in the hands of a child has made.

Over the past year we provided 519 preschoolers, from three different schools in Masatepe with One Egg per day. We received a lot of compliments from the teachers and principals from the schools.

We are so blessed to have passionate and dedicated people on our team like Geovanny, and the local network supporting us, (teachers, vet and commercial institutions), who are excited to help us take care of the chicks!

ITeams’ Ministry and OneEgg in Masatepe

International Teams (IT) is a global non-profit dedicated to bringing people together to help the oppressed. They work in poor and oppressed communities where they seek to integrate the mission and compassion modeled by Jesus into a holistic approach working alongside local leaders, not over them.

International Teams’ work in Masatepe began in 2013 when Brandon and Hannah Weidman moved there to begin laying the foundation for community transformation: learning the language, building relationships, identifying assets and determining needs.

Local initiatives were started including replacing dilapidated preschool buildings, running a coffee shop and All Things Coffee business, treating dirt floors with “dirt glue”, partnering with local churches on prison outreach, an alcohol rehab center, launching a local Chamber of Commerce, local clinic medical supplies, discount computer sales and now a new sustainable chicken farm.