One Egg Morocco

One Egg Morocco

Rabe Cogsil has been working with some amazing supporters and in 2016 she launched the latest OneEgg chapter in the sands of the Sahara desert in Southern Morocco.

Her journey started a few years ago as a tourist when, in her words, "her eyes were opened," and her heart touched when she became friends with some of the nomadic families she met. She knew right then that she needed to help these mothers feed their children. It did not take long before her research pointed to the incredible nutritional value of eggs.

There are currently 90+ kids that receive eggs through OneEgg Morocco. How does OneEgg consistently deliver eggs to these families you might ask? Rabe has solidified key relationships with tourist drivers who buy the eggs in town 3 times a week. Then, eggs are delivered to the nomadic families in the secluded dunes. The majority of the eggs are served daily by the teacher of the nomad school. He goes to the market weekly and buys 420 eggs to carry back to the school grounds. Every morning before school starts, he boils eggs for the morning snack time. This has replaced the bread, which has little nutritional value.

Her relationship with the teacher of the school began in 2011 when she raised money to build a toilet for the school. Having to go without a functioning toilet seemed like an unbelievable hardship for the teacher and the students. Sharing hope with a fellow teacher, motivated her to go back and begin the daily egg program.