Honduras Outreach Initiative

Honduras Outreach Initiative

First 1,000 Days – One Egg Project Kick-off with Honduras Outreach Initiative (HOI)

OneEgg and HOI  have developed a pilot nutrition project to use eggs as a source of protein for pregnant women, aimed at improving cognitive and physical development, in the first thousand days of life of the child.

The goal of the First 1,000 Days program is to provide eggs to families, and educate pregnant women to consume and feed their young children at least one egg a day in order to provide constant access to protein and balanced meals, often missing in their diets. 

Studies have shown that while the human brain continues to develop and change throughout life, the most rapid period of brain growth and its period of highest plasticity is in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years of life. Nutrition plays a key role in the first thousand days of life.

Why Eggs?

Eggs are nutrient dense, and a proven source of 12 essential vitamins and minerals, most of which are particularly critical to the early development stages of the child’s brain, but also provide an important source of nutrition to expecting mothers.  They may also contribute to strengthen household food security by creating a protein consumption habit.

The project is a component of the Nutrition and Economic Development Program at HOI. Through this initiative, issues related to growth stunting and improved cognitive development will be researched, and families will be tracked until the child reaches 2 1/2 years old. The eggs will be produced by local egg farmers who’ve worked closely with the local Economic Development team over the past few years.

The ultimate goal for the project... more eggs for more kids!

First OneEgg Baby!
Jefferson Manuel was born on Nov 14. His mother is Suly Nohemí from Santa Ana received needed protein in her diet during her pregnancy.

We are so thankful for our partnership with Honduras Outreach Initiative, Suly's participation in the Egg Program and baby Jefferson.

God's Mission For HOI

For nearly three decades HOI has been following God’s call to strengthen communities in Honduras and Nicaragua through long-term partnerships. Every day HOI continues to see God’s hand at work in the transformation of lives and families through the on-going commitment between North and Central Americans.

HOI is a Christ-centered missions organization working alongside people of developing countries who desire to implement sustainable development partnerships. HOI organizes mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua.

The HOI vision is to create life-changing relationships between the people of developing countries and North Americans, while promoting community directed and integrated spiritual, physical, educational and economic development of men, women and children in the developing world through the promotion of dignity, mutual cooperation and self-sufficiency.