One Egg Haiti Child Centers

In His Hands Orphan Outreach

In His Hands Orphan Outreach obeys God's command to care for orphans by providing orphan and adoption awareness, support for children in orphanages, and serving as a resource for families pursuing adoption.

The Haiti Orphanage cares for 42 children. Sam and Jessica Jakatis are full time missionaries at the Orphanage and bring much joy to the hearts of these children.

In His Hands' primary goal in the diverse and beautiful region of Grand Savanne, Haiti is to provide a safe God-centered home and family environment for orphaned or at-risk children.

Currently, forty-two children are being cared for at the home. Children attend school and church at Grand Savanne Christian, only a 5-minute walk from the property.  In addition to after-school tutoring,  the children have Bible study three nights a week, movie nights, and the opportunity for English classes. 

After just one trip to Haiti in 2011, Sam knew he wanted to live in Haiti as a missionary. He met Jessica, who also had a heart for international missions, the following year. They were married in 2013 and have been living in very full life in Haiti as full time orphan home directors by 2014. 

​They have three daughters and a son:  Winnie and Roodnaille, two girls Sam met during a VBS program his first trip to Haiti, Elise who was born in October of 2015 and Joseph who was born in October of 2017.

Aid Still Required

Most kids in Haiti don’t make it past the 5th grade in school. But at the Aid Still Required Academy in Deuxieme Plaine, kids will not only graduate from high school, they’ll be fluent in English, French and computer skills when they do.

That means, they’ll qualify for college and the best jobs in Haiti, and can help change their communities forever. Many of the children come to school hungry and that is where OneEgg comes in. Eggs are provided each day so children can receive needed protein in their diet. Currently the Aid Still Required Academy (Ecole Communitaire) has 120 students enrolled.

Community School of Bellevue

The Community School of Bellevue is a not-for-profit Haitian organization. The school was founded in 2008 on the principles that no child should be denied the ability to attend school because they could not afford it. The schools founders, Maxo and Avril, noticed that many children in their community did not attend for this very reason. Most parents were barely able to provide food and shelter for their families. God soon began working on their hearts and they decided to establish a tiny school to serve the children in their community using their own limited incomes.

In 2010 when the earthquake destroyed their school they didn’t give up, classes were held under a tarp, on a vacant piece of land. In 2010 a wooden pavilion was constructed by volunteers from Touch Global Crises Response to house the students. Not long after another pavilion was constructed.

By 2017 the enrollment had grown to over 216 students and serves grades K-6. More than half of the students have no ability to pay. Thanks in a large part to two very generous anonymous donations, a parcel of land, about 2/3 acre has been purchased for the school, and the school has been re-located in temporary structures.

The school’s mission is to provide education to the poorest and most vulnerable local community children by attending the Community School of Bellevue regardless of their ability to pay. The school’s main objectives today are to:

  • Raise funds to build a permanent concrete school on the new land.
  • Work toward becoming self -sustaining by introducing sources of income, such as raising chickens, to pay salaries and tuitions.
  • Establish a nutrition program that provides protein for the children to combat malnutrition.
  • Provide a safe space for the children to get physical activity during their school breaks.
  • Expand beyond K-6 to increase the educational opportunities.

Nouvelle Horizons Orphanage

Nouvelle Horizons is located in the rural community of Bellevue at the foothills of the mountains. The orphanage is under the direction of pastor and Madame Christian. They founded the Christian orphanage after serving as missionaries in a Canadian ministry serving in Haiti. They felt a calling to care for the needs of many abandoned and orphaned children in Haiti by providing them a loving and caring environment in which to live. There are fifty children in their care ranging from six months to fourteen years old. Additionally another fifteen children from the community attend school at New Horizons. Madame Christian and Pastor Christian are the parents of five children.

Community of Bezin in Action

Community of Bezin in Action (COBA) is a non-profit organization created in 2012 in Miragoane, Department of West, Haiti. There are currently 276 students enrolled.

The mission of this organization is to enable the inhabitants of Bezin and those of the nearby communities to be independent in relation to their daily needs. This mission  includes the residents of Bondeau, Charlon, Cocoyer, Larintrie and Lebrun.

Construction of a community center is underway with the goal of providing a meeting place for the children of the area. Currently the OneEgg nutrition program has been successfully implemented in the center.

Fontamara School - Fontamara, Port-au-Prince

The Fontamara School is one of the newest centers to receive eggs from the OneEgg Haiti Chapter. The school is located in Port-au-Prince and serves close to 200 children from pre-school through 8th grade.

The RICUCC partnered with a local pastor in the 1990s to build a multipurpose building that houses the school, a church and a medical clinic all of which are operated by local Haitian pastors, school administrators, teachers, doctors and nurses.

The RICUCC continues to support the school through individual student sponsorships; it supports the medical clinic by providing basic support for the doctor and nurses' salaries.  The principal of the school is very excited about receiving the supplemental protein for the children in the school. The eggs are prepared by a individual in the community and brougt to the school each day. The children receive their egg during their recess time.


Alliance School - Mirebalais

Alliance Community School in Mirebalais, Haiti is new to the OneEgg program. This school serves 125 children. This school is located in the Central part of Haiti. They are excited to have the protein provided by the eggs to give to the children whose diets do not include much protein.