One Egg Chapters

There are 3 key entities which help make OneEgg successful.

1. A Local Partner: Each chapter of OneEgg was launched after extensive discussions with a local partner to ensure a shared set of values and an alignment of mission. In all cases the local partner must have indisputable integrity and the business acumen to run the OneEgg chapter with discipline and accountability.

2. A local supplier of Eggs: Prior to OneEgg committing to launch a new chapter, detailed planning occurs to determine availability of eggs for purchase. In some cases, the supply is available from existing providers and in other cases where supply is not available OneEgg works with investors to build sustainable farms which provide jobs for the community.

3. Sponsorship: Many children have no opportunity be blessed with the benefits of eggs because their families can’t afford to buy them. Through various sponsorship approaches money is raised from generous sponsors and these funds are used to provide “More Eggs to More Kids”

There are Currently Nine Chapters of OneEgg – all at various stages of maturity.

1. OneEgg Rwanda

Started in 2011, today OneEgg Rwanda provides eggs to over 1,500 children at 15 pre-schools.

OneEgg was launched four years ago—starting with five Anglican preschools in rural Rwanda. Since then, OneEgg has expanded to delivering eggs to 18 child development centers in Rwanda’s Northern Province, where its growth continues. Eggs for the centers are supplied by a chicken farm operated by Ikiraro Investments, a sustainable business that was founded to address poverty and hunger—a model that OneEgg is now expanding globally.

2. OneEgg Haiti

OneEgg Haiti provides eggs to children while investing in local providers.

In Haiti, OneEgg is working in partnership with Chancel, a U.S.-based social enterprise, and the Rhode Island Conference of United Church of Christ’s Haiti Task Force to provide one egg a day to children in 5 child centers that serve impoverished children in Haiti. Now, with financial support from Chancel and the RIC-UCC Haiti Task Force, OneEgg Haiti purchases eggs from Haiti Broilers, a local company that operates a state of the art model poultry farm outside Port au Prince. As of today, approximately 400 children are receiving one egg a day.

3. OneEgg Uganda — Parental Care Ministries

4. OneEgg Mozambique

5. OneEgg Zimbabwe

6. OneEgg Honduras

7. OneEgg Nicaragua

8. OneEgg Morocco