OneEgg to Break Ground on Ugandan Poultry Farm in Early 2014

OneEgg, a U.S.-based nongovernmental agency that seeks to increase the amount of protein in the diets of poor children by providing eggs, will break ground in Q1 2014 for a poultry farm in Uganda. By April 1, 2014, OneEgg plans to bring day-old chicks to the poultry facility, with egg production and distribution to begin by Q3 2014.

In Uganda, OneEgg has partnered with the Irene Gleeson Foundation, which operates schools and technical training centers in Uganda, serving 7,000 children who receive education and nutrition. Working with the Irene Gleeson Foundation, OneEgg will supplement the protein in the diets of needy children through the distribution of eggs.

The eggs will be produced on the new poultry farm, which will follow a for-profit, sustainable model, while also creating jobs and educating local people in agricultural best practices. The majority of the eggs from the farm will be sold in the local market, making available an affordable source of animal protein. A portion of the eggs will be purchased and distributed to needy children at the Gleeson Foundation schools.

In addition, a research partnership has been established between OneEgg, the American Egg Board, and the University of Arkansas to study the long-range impact on physical and cognitive development in children who receive increased amounts of animal protein through eggs.

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