New Haiti Correspondent

Julianna is the newest member of our OneEgg team, our Haiti Correspondent.

She is a 15 years old and  living with her family in Haiti as missionaries.

This ninth grader loves to draw and just creating in general. Her favorite book is The Book Theif by Markus Zusak. Her favorite food is a good ole hamburger when in the US, but in Haiti her favorite food is fried akra.

According to Julianna, "The best thing about living in Haiti is the fresh perspective that you gain about the world and how truly privileged we are to have our physical things and our spiritual things. The most challenging thing is probably the language barrier, but hopefully that won't be a problem for me much longer! I'm learning Kreyol slowly but steadily."

Julianna will be bringing us stories from Haiti. We are so blessed to have her on board.

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