The New Flock in Haiti

3,000 New Chicks in Haiti

by Julianna Beehn
OneEgg Haiti Correspondent

My sister and I waited eagerly for the arrival of the chicken truck. Any minute, a semi from Port-Au-Prince was going to bring 3,000 adorable, day-old chicks. The 2nd flock had just been moved to the new laying house, and the 3rd was almost here.

When the truck finally rolled in, the employees jumped to work and began unloading the small cardboard boxes of chicks into the brooding house. After two hours of work, the farm was alive with the chirps and cheeps of excited new residents.



The arrival wasn’t a walk in the park; lots of work needed to be done to ensure a healthy and strong flock. For the first 5 days of life, chicks can’t generate their own warmth. Huge charcoal stoves were lit, keeping the room close to 95 degrees.

The temperature is meticulously monitored 24/7 for the next 12-14 days.

18%  protein feed that was ground and bagged in Haiti was distributed to fill their little tummies. Bio-security is implemented over the whole farm and the chicks are kept on a vaccination schedule to keep them healthy and away from sickness.


The chicks are kept active, always moving around to build up muscle and grow strong. And of course, the chicks are welcomed with love and patience.

In about 19 weeks, the chicks will begin laying eggs and will be moved to the 3rd laying house. More eggs for more kids!

 “This is our third flock to raise at the farm,” said farm consultant Jeremy Beehn, “After this flock becomes mature, we will be at full capacity with just over 7,000 birds.”

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