One Egg Nepal

OneEgg Nepal Launches Egg Campaign!

1,200 Children to Receive Eggs!

OneEgg is excited to announce the launch of OneEgg Nepal in partnership with Shreenagar Agro Farm in Nepal. Initially 700 children will receive eggs, with the goal of reaching over 1,200 in the near future.

Shreenagar is an integrated agri company  providing a “One Stop Solution” to farmers with quality seed, feed, services and market linkages building smart, skilled and successful farmers.

Shreenagar promotes balanced nutrition for children and women desiring “Protein for All”, which contributes towards achieving the sustainable development goal of Zero Hunger.

OneEgg’s mission is to provide needed protein to young children in the form of eggs. So the OneEgg and Shreenagar Agro Farm is a perfect partnership.

Animal protein is essential for cognitive and physical development – especially in the early years. Children who receive adequate amounts of protein before age 5 have higher IQs and stronger mental development.

Initial beneficiaries include approximately 12 government schools (approximately 30 to 50 children under the age of 5 per school). The project provides one egg-a-day for three-days-a-week to the children from Rupandehi, Palpa and Kathmandu district. Kathmandu lies in the central part of Nepal, Rupandehi represents the low land of western Nepal and Palpa represents the hilly district of western Nepal providing geographic diversity.

Shreenagar Agro Farm

In addition to providing nutritional food (healthy fresh farm eggs) free of cost to marginalized families, poor children and the elderly, Shreenagar supports its community in many ways:

  • Creation of employment opportunities to marginalized people, women and the disabled by supporting and training them to create poultry, livestock and aquaculture farming on their own as an agri-entrepreneur.
  • Establishment of "Shree Kisan Innovation Hub" with an aim to advance technologies and farming practices to improve agricultural productivity through innovations, knowledge sharing, simplified solutions and a sustainable approach.
  • Establishment of Shreenagar Agri Center as a “One Stop Solution” for the farmers that provide seed, feed, technical services, market linkages.
  • Developed a farmer friendly mobile application “Shree Kishan App” for the purposes of making Shree Kisan: Smart, Skillful, Successful farmers. App is used for knowledge sharing and to improve communication amongst the company, farmers and retailers to streamline the market system.
  • Providing access to Finance and Insurance for marginalized farmers by introducing value chain financing model in partnership with banks, micro finance and insurance companies.
  • Piloting Climate Smart Agriculture farming technologies in maize cultivation to streamline supply chain.
  • Development of educational and awareness raising materials consisting of basic nutritional knowledge for children across multiple districts
  • Renovation and maintenance of  historic site for public gatherings.
  • Development of a drinking water supply facility at Shree Prajatantra Primary School, Telga and Palpa.
  • Providing land to establish the Shree Sarasawati Secondary High School, Butwal, Rupandehi and continuous support to improve the school management.
  • Distribution of poultry manure, at no cost, for locals for better agriculture productivity.