Measuring the Immeasurable

Measuring the Immeasurable

by Julie Beehn
OneEgg Haiti Correspondent 

We live in a logical world that runs on numbers, formulas, and methods that have been tested and perfected over the years. Numbers and equations make things simple; one cup of milk, twenty-five miles, or sixteen grams. However, there are a few wrenches in our world's routine that defy methods and logical thought. How can you measure emotions? How do you measure the value of a person? How do you measure love? I am continually finding that we can plug in charts and create detailed explanations to try and gauge anomalies, but people and experiences are the true keys to seeing the value of something.

I think of OneEgg. You can see the 9,125,000 eggs that have been distributed or the fact that 5,000 kids are stably receiving eggs every day and be impressed, but One Egg's true value is in the people who receive its aid. In the joy of the employees that raise the chickens on the farms, the people who don't have to walk miles and miles for fresh eggs, and the children who have a fruitful and healthy future because they have protein in their diets.


Katherine Huske, the CMO for One Egg, can be measured in the impact of her words and through the hearts that are touched because of her drive and initiative for the Lord.


And in all these things, love is so unbelievably evident. Numbers and equations fall short every time when we try to apply them to God's miracles. 

We're can't measure the immeasurable; these are God things!     

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