How a 16-Year-Old Girl From New Orleans Became our Haiti Correspondent

My life wasn’t too much different from the average teen’s- until God decided that my family and I were destined to live as missionaries in Gressier, Haiti. And from then on, it’s just one big miracle that I’m still living right now.

I was born in 2002, in New Orleans, Louisiana. After a few months, I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and lived there for about 8 years until moving again to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Arkansas was really where I took root; we had an amazing church family, an awesome school, and some pretty special friends. I wasn’t interested in going anywhere. In 2012, my parents felt called to go on a mission trip to Haiti (you can probably see where this is going) and took my brother and I along as well. The trip was fun, but it didn’t really strike my heart. I was only 9, so I couldn’t quite comprehend the greatness that God was going to do my family through this country. Luckily, a love for Haiti grew in my parent’s heart, and we continued visiting Haiti on Spring Breaks and summers.

In 2014, our huge family of 8 (and two dogs!) gathered in the living room for a mandatory meeting.

“We’ve prayed a lot about this, and God wants us to move to Haiti!”

We were ecstatic. A mission trip, but forever? It sounded amazing! Over the next two years, we began to prepare for the undertaking of this huge adventure. We packed up our belongings, sold our house, and started building a small apartment to live in while our community center was being constructed. The whirl and excitement of it all was like a badge that I carried around. I was so proud that out of all the people God could have chosen, He chose us.

All was well until the last couple of months for the big move; it was time to say goodbye to America. As much as I hate to admit it, I pouted. I didn’t want to leave, now that the plans were finally visible. After many tears, we finally started our new life. I felt lost and pointless; I had no clue what God wanted for me. While I anticipated the laughter and the love and the joy of giving, I didn’t think about the rats, heat, or power deficiency. I didn’t know what to do.

Slowly, things got better. I started learning the language, taking up new opportunities, and growing. Since the move, I’ve been blessed with so many things. God provided me with some amazing friends, an awesome homeschool, and a love for Haiti I’ve never had before. This job, writing, has been such an amazing outlet that I’m constantly glad for. I’m not perfect, and I never will be; but slowly, God is teaching me how to live through the least likely outlets. I’m literally living God’s miracle, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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