Two Fish Honduras

Two Fish Honduras

Over 41,564 eggs delivered!

Currently Andy and Carmen serve one egg per day to children at one of three local schools. The Lord has enabled the Castillos to add a unique twist to the OneEgg program in Honduras. The principal of the public school gives the Castillos 15 minutes per day to distribute eggs but also to share a Bible lesson!

So each weekday an audience of 100 eager public school students gathers to eat an egg and learn about Jesus! Beginning in January, OneEgg Honduras expanded to the two other schools in the San Francisco area, distributing eggs and Biblical truth to 500 children per day.

Through the help and support of OneEgg and Two Fish Foundation and donors to these foundations the program has done amazing things in the lives of children from three public schools in Barrio Oriente, San Francisco and Chorreritas near the location of our project.

Today over 500 children in all three schools have are receiving a hard boiled egg every single day of classes for the last year. Not only have they received physical nourishment but they have also received spiritual nourishment that is shaping their lives.

Praise the Lord for what He is doing in the lives of these children.

Andy and Carmen

Andy and Carmen Castillo serve as missionaries in Siguatepeque, Honduras. They are working with friends from Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have started a OneEgg chapter in the San Francisco, Honduras area.

Thank you for praying that God will continue to open doors for the Castillos and others in this region to share nutrition and the hope of Jesus Christ with Honduran children.