Happy Anniversary to the OneEgg Farm in Haiti

by Julianna Beehn

One year ago this week, on November 24th, 2016, the ground was broken for the OneEgg farm in Leogane, Haiti. This Thanksgiving Day was the start of a project that would grow bigger than anyone could have expected.

The four month construction process provided jobs for over 30 hardworking men and women. After the construction was completed in early March 2017, and the first flock of chicks was brought in on March 9th.

These 3,000 chicks were taken care of 5 men who were provided with full time jobs, and are still working diligently today.  Their hard work paid off in late July when the hens showed their appreciation by laying their first eggs!  Now that the hens were producing eggs, they graduated from the brooding house into the layer house, which made room for a new flock of chicks.  

On July 29th, the second flock of 3,300 chicks arrived and are due to begin laying eggs very soon.  Today, the laying hens are currently producing 1,750-1,800 eggs per day and are selling faster than the hens are able to lay!

In just the past 4 months, the farm has sold nearly 200,000 eggs.  Additionally, the farm is supplying eggs to thirteen schools and orphanages each month. And now, the 3rd flock is scheduled for January 18th.

God has taken this project and made it strong and fruitful, blessing thousands of people all over Haiti.

This article was written by Julianna, the newest member of our team, our Haiti Correspondent.  She is a teenager living with her family in Haiti as missionaries. She will be bringing us stories from Haiti. We are so blessed to have her on board.

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