Gustavo – From Tired to Energetic!

This adorable young man is Gustavo.

Gustavo's family often doesn't have enough food and he was always tired and diagnosed with anemia. A missionary family was giving him ensure and iron supplements, but they did not see much improvement in his health. The eggs have made a huge difference. He is full of energy now and very mischievous, just like the other boys. He's been behind academically, but is catching up and learning his letters and numbers. He was often too tired to even come to school before. His favorite activity is playing with toy cars.

Gustavo goes to Little Rays of Light. It was founded 2002, almost 16 years now. A pastor's wife, Mayra Urbina founded it because she had a heart to help the children in her church. They started with 17 children, ages 3-5 and now she has 54 kids enrolled.

We are so thankful for Geovanny for delivering eggs to the kids.

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