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Looking for Ways to Teach your Grandkids Generosity

grandmaWe love our grandkids and want to bless them with time, love and lots of hugs. Wouldn't it be fun to teach them that they can  bless other children in countries around the world that are in need?

In Uganda kids receive protein about 2 times a year ... but for only $5 a month, you can provide an egg a day for a child.

Next time you head to the toy store with those precious grandkids teach them to save $5 and then share it with others.

Your lives will be blessed. Your grandkids will be blessed. And a child in the developing world will be given protein in their diet which will bless them beyond anything you can imagine!

What Does OneEgg Do?
OneEgg’s mission is simple... provide more eggs to more kids. We provide eggs to 3 to 5 year olds who lack needed protein in their diets. Children who receive adequate amounts of protein are positively impacted for the rest of their lives with higher IQs, stronger mental development and better physical health. They even have higher attendance at schools and increased church participation for their whole family. Children who do not receive protein during these critical years are stunted in their growth and can have an assortment of other physical, cognitive and social issues.

How We Do It
We invest in local farmers, buying eggs from them that are delivered to preschools and orphanages. Great for local businesses! If eggs are not available in the area we work with the local community to build commercial farms that become sustainable businesses. Great for the entire community!

Why We Do It
The ministry started after a businessman visited Rwanda and saw that children rarely had protein in their diets. Kids were struggling, malnourished and stunted in their growth. God gave the businessman a clear message ... provide protein to youngOne Egg Nicaragua children. So he figured out that the best way to do this was to deliver protein in a nice neat package called an egg. So that's why we do it. It pleases God and we are blessed in the process.

Where We Serve
OneEgg is global, with locations in Rwanda, Haiti, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Nicaragua, Morocco and Uganda. We work with local partners who are dedicated to get more eggs to more kids.

How To Get Involved
The best way to get involved is to pray. Pray for the preschool children. Pray for the chickens. Pray for the eggs. Pray that God would raise up more resources so OneEgg can provide more eggs to more kids around the world.

What Happens to My Donation
When you give, 100% of your gift goes to eggs for kids. In other words, none of your gift goes to overhead or administration.

Give today...