The Generosity Project – Free Sunday School Curriculum

OneEgg gives. OneEgg provides eggs to over 5,000 children around the world, so they get needed protein in their diet. Our donors have generous hearts.

A few months ago the LORD provided an idea to gift churches with a free Sunday School Curriculum about generosity. It seemed a little crazy since churches have access to lots of resources. The LORD has provided the confirmation ... and the resources to get this accomplished.

The Need. Churches have access to lots of wonderful teaching materials, but what we found is that sometimes there is a “Gap Sunday”— a Sunday between curriculums where there is a need for a one-day standalone study. Churches needed a simple-to-execute study that shares a meaningful message in a fun way.

The Materials. We are preparing a wonderful study on Generosity using animation and original music. Thanks to OneEgg Haiti and In His Hands Orphan Outreach, children in Haiti will teach the lesson. There will be an opportunity to learn about Haiti and its culture. The Haitian children will share what generosity means—giving what you have, no matter what it is.

There is a bible teaching (a beautifully animated teaching) on the loaves and fishes… how one little boy gave what he had.

We can't wait to share with your church. Please pass this along to your children's ministry.

Sign Up. You can sign up here to be one of the first to receive the curriculum:

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