OneEgg and Project Mercy in Ethiopia

The vision of Project Mercy is "to renew the heart of a nation by plucking out poverty." For over forty years, the organization has evolved its model in rural Ethiopia to eradicate the root causes of poverty through integrated and holistic community development built on a foundation of listening and responding to, combined with facilitating active participation and contribution by the very people who benefit.

Project Mercy - In the Beginning

When Project Mercy first came to Yetebon over twenty years ago the local community identified healthcare as a priority need. Today Project Mercy's 52-bed hospital serves over 60,000 patients.

Project Mercy allows addresses another priority in the community—education. In 1996 a school was started with 358 students. Today 1,600 students in grades K-12 are receiving an education.

Project Mercy launched a dairy cattle breeding project in 2006. Milk is improving children's nutrition while providing sustainable income for families.

In 2018 Project Mercy and OneEgg will partner to provide eggs to children to improve their health and provide jobs in the local community.