Haitian Women – Smart and Efficient

by Julianna Beehn
Haiti Correspondent

One of the strongest qualities of the Haitian people is their creativity and efficiency. I see these every day through small, almost unnoticeable things. A toy car made out of a bottle. A piece of tin with holes in it as a grater. Empty buckets as dining chairs.

The Haitians face so many problems that can only be solved with their own minds. I saw an example of that today.

As we drove away from the One Egg farm, I noticed ladies walking away from farm as well. They had bought two large flats of eggs earlier that day, and they had a long way to get home. It isn’t uncommon for customers to come from a long distance, since

One Egg is one of the few places in our area that provides affordable eggs. These ladies were taking large pieces of corn stalk and folding them up. At first, I was confused, wondering why on earth they needed to make these. Then, one of the ladies placed the whorl on top of the other’s head, and then the flat of eggs on top of that. The piece of corn stalk from the field next to the farm softened the weight of the large flat of eggs. Then, they walked away.

With a huge, heavy carton on their heads! I kind of just sat there in wonder, thinking about how smart Haitians can really be.

Sometimes, I’m just blown away by efficiency that can be born out of difficulty. And more often, I’m constantly glad that I live in Haiti. “Travay ak pi entellijan, pa ak pi travay.” “Work smarter, not harder.”

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