Donation Ideas

There are so many ways to give. Thank you!

$5 a month recurring gift provides an egg a day for one child.


$120 one time gift provides eggs to two children for a year.


$400 gift can buy food for a week for 1 farmhouse of chickens (Around 3,000 birds).


$1000 will provide funds to purchase and place 500 baby chicks in a OneEgg Farmhouse...
(These birds will produce over 150,000 eggs in their lifetime!).


$5,000 provides support for an entire pre-school (100 children) for one year.

How Do I Donate to One Egg?

  1. Click on the Donate button above.
  2. Select the type of donation that you would like to make (Money, Vehicle, Electronics, Gift Card, or Other). Fill in the appropriate information.
  3. Choose where you would like your donation to be applied (Greatest Need, Haiti, Rwanda, or Uganda).
  4. Click on Continue and fill in your Donor and Payment Information. Click Continue, and your donation is complete!


What You Need to Know about Contributing to One Egg!

OneEgg is a movement that provides countless economic, social, physical and spiritual benefits to children, families and communities.

This all starts with young children having access to animal protein through OneEgg sponsorship.

The majority of eggs that are provided to our nearly 3,000 OneEgg kids are the result of generous sponsors.

We are eternally grateful for any level of support and welcome the chance to speak with schools, churches, companies and foundations that may be willing to partner with us through customized fundraising programs.

100% of all sponsorship money goes to buy eggs. None of your support will be used for marketing or administrative purposes.

Thank you for helping us, “Provide more eggs to more kids.”