Why Eggs?

Why Eggs?



Animal protein is essential for cognitive and physical development – especially in young kids. Children who receive adequate amounts of protein before age 5 have higher IQs and stronger mental development (Muller and Krawinkel 2006).

In the developing world, eggs are the most efficient method to consistently deliver animal protein and OneEgg is committed to delivering “More Eggs to More Kids!" Many kids around the world have no access to animal protein and in cases where it is available the cost makes it unattainable.

At OneEgg, we partner with pre-schools and orphanages to deliver eggs to children. By working with local suppliers of eggs, we provide a consistent demand for high quality product at a fair price while partnering with poultry experts to help train the farms in poultry science and farm operations.

The children that receive eggs through OneEgg have seen marked improvements in physical development, higher attendance at schools and increased church participation for their whole family. This early intervention is laying the foundations to support the physical and mental development to benefit from the opportunities that lie ahead.