Our Story

How it all began

OneEgg started as a conversation, a shared vision between a business man from Memphis, a Church leader in Rwanda and a young woman at Tyson Foods, Inc. These three were deeply committed to finding ways to deliver animal protein to some of the world's most vulnerable children. God continues to weave together a network of passionate people to do His work through OneEgg.

In 2008, it was a dream of Tyson Foods, Inc. and Cobb-Vantress, Inc. to bring sustainable animal agriculture to Rwanda. The purpose was to provide much-needed protein in the diets of young children, and jobs to the local economy.

Rwanda. A commitment is made to build a poultry-laying farm.

Rwanda. Construction began on four chicken houses in northern Rwanda. In May 2010, the first flock was placed. By the faithfulness of the Lord and dedication of workers on the farm, a sustainable operation was slowly developed. The original production goal of this farm was to produce 37,000 eggs a week.

Uganda. A new chapter in Mbarara, Uganda is started with Parental Care Ministries (PCM). OneEgg is working with PCM to build laying houses on their farm campus to help feed the needs of young orphan children, while at the same time providing a sustainable profitable business to the ministry.

Haiti. Two partners with extensive development experience in Haiti launched a pilot to test the OneEgg model in this beautiful yet challenging environment. Nearly 500 children are receiving eggs at six preschools.

Eggs for Kids - One EggRwanda. A commercial feedmill came online and provided better quality feed with proper protein, amino acids balance and consistent calcium levels. 42,000 eggs a week is the norm now, 5,000 more than projected. were produced. The farm has achieved consistent egg production and is a viable business. OneEgg and a local church partner ensure the eggs are distributed to children.

Haiti. OneEgg Haiti successfully completed its pilot program. We are working on expanding the number of sites and building our poultry farm. We welcomed two new sites to our program, Haiti Health Ministries (HHM) and Family of Faith Ministries (FOFM). The HHM medical clinic is located near Gressier Haiti. The clinic treats about 130 patients a day with a variety of illnesses. The clinic feeds malnourished children one egg a day as a nutritional supplement to their diet.

FOFM seeks to decrease the number of orphans in Haiti by supporting the children and their families in the communities where they live. They do this in a community-focused way by helping feed malnourished children and supplementing the nutritional needs of expecting mothers with pre-natal care.

One Egg is in a total of seven countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Mozambique. The OneEgg Mozambique Chapter provides eggs to 150 children, working slowly but surely toward our goal of serving 3,000 children by 2020. The driving passion at OneEgg Mozambique is to provide better nutrition to children to support healthy brain and body development.

With the addition of Morocco, OneEgg now operates in 8 countries, with over 4,600 kids receiving eggs throughout the year, and 100% of your support continues to be directly invested in providing eggs to the children through schools, orphanages and local churches. A very special thank you to our great friends at Tyson Foods, Inc. and Cobb-Vantress, Inc.

Haiti. OneEgg received a transformative gift from Tyson Foods, Inc. We were recently awarded a $341,490 grant to create our first economically sustainable egg farm in Haiti, which will provide valuable protein to undernourished children at schools, medical clinics and orphanages. The farm will also make thousands more eggs available for families to purchase in local markets.

Uganda. The One Egg partnership with Parental Care Ministries in MbararEggs for kids in Africaa, Uganda, is off to a great start. The planning stages were completed and the first chicken “enkoko” house was built. On October 27, 2016, the first flock of 2,000 chicks were delivered. Pastor Joseph, a native Ugandan, and also a veterinarian, is doing an excellent job overseeing the project in coordination with Dave Juenger of Cobb-Vantress, Inc.

Honduras. Andy and Carmen Castillo serve as missionaries in Honduras and lead the OneEgg chapter in Siguatepeque. OneEgg Honduras currently serves one egg per day to children at three local schools in the San Francisco area. The principal of these schools has been a great supporter of OneEgg and recognizes the many benefits that occur beyond the important nutritional impact. Beyond allowing Andy and Carmen to distribute eggs, they also provide daily Bible lessons. Each weekday an audience of 100, 129 and 193 eager public school students and their teachers gather at the three public schools to eat an egg while they learn about Jesus.

Rwanda. OneEgg Rwanda continues to be a great example of how for profit, and non-profit organizations, can collaborate to change the world. There are currently 26 “OneEgg” preschools in Rwanda, each of them with an average enrollment 100 children.

Morocco. Rabe Cogsil has been working with some amazing supporters and in 2016 she launched the latest OneEgg chapter in the sands of the Sahara desert in Southern Morocco. There are currently 90 plus kids receiving eggs through OneEgg Morocco.

Mozambique. The OneEgg chapter in Mozambique is providing more eggs to more kids than ever before. Last year this chapter was providing one egg, 3 times each week to 250 kids at the Namitatari Primary School. We have now added two more schools and are delivering eggs every school day. There are over 750 eggs given to kids each day, providing essential nutrition, which stimulates physical growth and brain development.

Haiti. In His Hands Orphan Outreach provides land for a chicken farm. Project is completed with a grant from Tyson Foods, Inc. and Cobb-Vantress, Inc.