A Simple Egg Can Unlock Dreams

by John Wayne Kennedy

Nutrition is the Key
Nutrition is a key ingredient that determines the destiny of a child’s life. The right foods, such as protein rich eggs and other nutrients, are critical and essential to good brain development, muscle and organ growth and a strong immune system to fight sickness and disease. We believe that good health is the foundation for the future of a child’s life.

The number one question I love to ask the children at the schools we work with is “what would you like to be when you grow up.”  Wow, I love listening to their replies; “I want to be a doctor”, another kid shouts “I also want to be a doctor” and a “policeman” and the boy that hardly says much shouts “I want to be the boss”, which makes all the children laugh and shout “I want to be the boss too.”

After listening I follow up and ask them why they all want to be the boss and their answers brings me to tears; “so I can buy all the food in the world for my family to be happy” When I leave the school I leave with a full heart because I know the eggs and meals we provide daily have the potential to make those dreams a reality. We are changing the foot print of Africa one egg at a time, one child at a time. Thank you to all who help us provide essential protein and meals to 400 children in 4 different kindergarten locations around the provinces of Nampula, as well as the resources to grow our impact in the lives of children between the ages of 3 to 9 years.

Currently we are in the beginning stages of build a 5th location in rural Rapale, that will impact an additional 25 children and provide employment for 3 teachers.

New School Site 
In March we broke ground for our new Kindergarten outreach school in rural Rapale. We are still a long way from completing the building project, but already the community is buzzing with excitement. God has come through for us as we had been battling to get the legal permission to build and operate the kindergarten schools of hope. But now we have partnered with a local church that has been granted the legal license to operate schools in the province. I am relieved we can push ahead with full confidence and drive to build this center of hope.

Changing Africa's Footprint 
At our city school location we have so much potential to change the footprint of Africa. We currently have facilities for 60 children with space for expansion to 150 children. We are already seeing the community impacted as more and more families testify about how the kindergarten has changed the lives of their children, and how their children are healthier and are receiving quality education. This is a key foundation for seeing their dreams become a realities. Praise God that He has opened doors for us to interrupt and reverse the crushing  circle of poverty for generations.

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