2018 in Review

It's been a great year!

Because of you, we’re in ten countries, providing eggs to over 10,000 children, and plans for expansion are just over the horizon. We are so thankful you are part of this journey to provide more eggs to more kids


In Nepal, even before the horrific earthquake a few years ago, children did not get enough protein in their diets. But after the earthquake it was even worse.

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, with alarmingly high malnutrition rates.

Tyson Foods, Inc. has invested $50,000 in Nepal with matching funds provided by a Nepalese agribusiness, Shreenagar Agro. The funds will be used to provide more eggs to more kids.

Tyson Foods will provide technical assistance and training to farmers to help increase the capacity of eggs. Eggs are being provided to 12 schools and 700 children, with a goal of reaching 7,000 children over the next two years. 

Our new partner Shreenagar Farms, knows it’s important to give eggs to children and they understand the importance of teaching parents, teachers and communities why protein is so important. Shreenagar launched an all out education program including billboards, community awareness campaigns and training. Find out more >


Rwanda is where it all started in 2010! 

Evariste Ndengejeho, our OneEgg Project Coordinator in Rwanda, announced that five new preschools were added to the OneEgg program. These preschools are located in the Shyira Diocese. They are schools where children are malnourished and stunted due to lack of protein in their diets.

With this addition, OneEgg is now serving over 4,000 kids in Rwanda. Find out more>


First 1,000 Days. If you gave an egg to a pregnant mom in Honduras, what do you think she would do with it? She would give it to one of her children. Moms are like that. They give and give to help their family and those in need.

OneEgg, and our new partner Honduras Outreach Initiative (HOI), are not only providing eggs to pregnant moms, but to their entire family.

The role of nutrition during pregnancy is well documented. A recent research study focused specifically on the role of protein quality within the first 1,000 days of life – a baby from conception through the first years. Find out more >


Ethiopia. Project Mercy has become the newest OneEgg Chapter, and together with Tyson Foods and Cobb-Vantress we are launching a new chicken farm in Yetebon, Ethiopia. The plan is to provide children with needed protein in their diets. In fact, this month 1,000 baby chicks arrived at the newly built chicken farm. We are a few months away from those chicks producing eggs. We are so thankful to Ray Ables from the Tyson Foods Fellows Program for the work they are doing in Ethiopia to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

The first group of children to receive eggs will be those in Project Mercy’s Medhane-Alem School (Pre-K and Kindergarten students) - approximately 275 children. 

Find out more about Project Mercy.

 In 2019, God has given us a vision and opportunity to expand to:

  • Tanzania
  • Nigeria
  • Cambodia

Thank you for being a part of Team OneEgg!

As always, 100% of your giving goes directly to eggs for kids through
schools, orphanages and local churches. 

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