OneEgg Organization Partners, a division of, occasionally cooperates with non-government organizations and educational institutions to conduct nutritional research, outreach, and education projects. As non-profit organizations, OneEgg and Orphanos do not provide funding for indirect costs or overhead associated with grant-funded projects.


Tyson Foods and Cobb Vantress

Providing Technical support in poultry sciences and veterinary services while remaining committed to transferring capacity to the local team

Tyson Foods, Inc.


American Egg Board

Providing access to nutritional Science and research to help further the impact of the Incredible Edible Egg around the world

American Egg Board

The American Egg Board is the U.S. egg producer’s link to consumers in communicating the value of the “incredible egg.” The American Egg Board, along with the University of Arkansas, is participating in a long-term research project with OneEgg in Uganda, studying how increased consumption of animal protein in the form of eggs impacts the physical and cognitive growth of young children.




Egg Nutrition Center

The Egg Nutrition Center is dedicated to providing balanced, accurate information on the issues surrounding eggs, nutrition & health.


ENC sponsors scientific research that is primarily focused on egg intake and various indices of health and disease. Research grants are openly solicited and reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Panel comprised of acknowledged authorities in health research and clinical practice. Independent scientists guide many of the research and educational projects of ENC and provide analysis and interpretation of current scientific literature. ENC research helps to verify eggs as a part of a healthy diet.


​In His Hands is committed to creating lasting change for vulnerable children in communities around the world. They are a ministry desiring to serve as His hands here on earth; sharing the heart of Christ with the unloved, unwanted and forgotten.

Orphan awareness, child abandonment prevention, holistic care for bereft children, and adoption support are the causes that drive In His Hands forward. Their work spans the United States, Haiti, China, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, and India.


OneEgg Rwanda Partners

Shyira Diocese of The Anglican Church

Located in the mountainous region of NW Rwanda with nearly 300 congregations and over 200+ preschools providing education and gospel teaching to over 20,000 future Rwanda leaders.






Church of the Ascension - Arlington, VA

Ascension's desire is to maintain a rich legacy of faith and mission


In 2002, seeing a shortage of vibrant, Gospel-centered churches in the District of Columbia, a group of people began meeting together with the vision of planting a network of smaller, interconnected churches throughout the city, rather than a single large church. Though a new church, their beliefs and practices are not new. As Anglicans, they participate in a family that reaches back to the earliest days of the Church and extends into over 165 nations today.




OneEgg Haiti Partners


Rhode Island Conference of United Church of Christ

25 years of providing education, quality health care, orphan relief and community-based services to the people in Haiti.


Mission: Providing education, quality health care, orphan relief, and community-based services for the people of Haiti. RIC-UCC does this through student and school sponsorship's, financial support for medical clinics, sustained friendship and joint advocacy for positive change.




OneEgg Uganda Partners


Irene Gleeson Foundation

Irene and her staff of 450 Ugandans educate, medicate and feed 8,000+ children in Northern Uganda


The Irene Gleeson Foundation was founded in 1991 by Irene Gleeson who identified in her travels to Africa the great need to take care of the children of Northen Uganda ravaged by the war that was raging accross East Africa. Irene sold all of her possessions, left the comfort of her beachside home in Australia, and moved to Uganda with a caravan which she dragged to Kitgum, Uganda. Once there, she gathered 50 children under a mango tree to teach, sing, and bring hope in a hopeless time.