About One Egg

About One Egg

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One Egg’s mission began four years ago, with a singular vision: Ending world hunger — one child at a time.

We follow a unique model for sustainable development, blending for-profit enterprise with a sponsorship model. The objective is to provide a “hand up” - not a “hand out” - to empower the local community and increase the amount of protein in the diets of children

In Rwanda, where One Egg began, we have partnered with Shyira Diocese of the Anglican Church to deliver eggs to child development centers, benefiting nearly 2,000 children.

Now, One Egg is going global, with two new locations in Haiti and Uganda. We are working with the right local partners who are dedicated to ensuring more eggs get into the hands of more children.

We are blessed by our supporters and sponsors, who provide the “bricks and mortar” of the farms, and the sponsorship dollars that purchase eggs. Together, we can address poverty and hunger one child — One Egg — at a time.